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Is being crucified a pleasant experience?

The reason why the above is not about auras is SAMSUNG.
I will not bore you with details, but trust Me 100% is their stupid Hostile Tablet.

How to touch an aura

So I was sitting on My bed (well actually the hotel's owners bed,
if she is pretty I hope she is reading this)
and as one does, I touched Myself.
On the ankle.
What did I feel?
Me touching My ankle.
Well anyway it got Me thinking, suppose I touched My knee what would I feel.
And then I said let Me type out this significant finding so ANY pretty women can have a go.
So I next touch the keyboard lightly, softly etc. as previously I have written to you
the keyboard only responds to love, unlike My ankle.
SHOCK! The keyboard ignores My soft touch.
At 2.20 am in the morning you got to bang them hard
else they sleep.
Well one sentence later My delicate finger was getting sore,
these bitches really need a wham bam at 2.23.
So I say to My Lord is there any way I can avoid getting a sore finger.
Of course I am easily able to type with all 190 of My fingers,
but I do not want 189 more sore fingers.
He says sure, and next letter I press, I think it was x responds to a soft touch.

Anyways you do not want to know about My sore finger which is why I told you about it.

DO the exercise in

Good News

Then sit up quietly and bring your index finger to near your ankle.
Actually a good posture to sit in when you do not want to torture yourself too much is
Baddhakonasana: sitting up, bringing the feet to near your penis or vagina
and allow your legs (knees) to spread apart.
If you do not bring the feet to close to you, you can rest a book or tablet or
woman on your feet and look etc.

Be quiet, relax. As your finger approaches your ankle
do you feel a certain hardness in your side brain? (near the top).
Similarly, when you actually touch your ankle that hardness comes too.
Actually, all over your body, you do not need to touch, but aura depth it varies,
eg about 0.5 inches (1.3cm) away from your body when you can feel your aura.
Actually the aura is half this distance, because your finger also has aura.

Mostly, this is the size of your aura, of course it is not completely completely
gone at 1 inch etc., but nearly.

The hardness comes because you do not want anything to disturb peace with Lord Vishnu or your husband.

On the other hand, suppose you touched your ankle to make your husband happy,
with love, no hardness will come.
When you are very relaxed, as I mostly am, the aura recedes towards
the surface layer of the skin.

But, you will perhaps not be surprised to know it sometimes expands.

It expands with the prospect of pleasure or pain.

For example, if Indian army approach Me,
I get terrified and adrenalin rushes and My aura expands.
Or if they approach lion, it gets relaxed and aura recedes.

Or suppose they want to make love to her.
Then lion gets really excited at thought of penetration into army and its aura expands.

Anyways, relaxation comes with good. If a strange man approaches a woman,
she gets tense, worried that he may cut her up or whatever.
If she is good, she will be near Lord Vishnu and therefore relaxed.
If she has done bad a lion of Hindu man may approach her and she,
her mind is relaxed, not fearful because there is no reason to be afraid, ho ho.
So, a bad woman has an aura eg 6 inches, 15 cm,
and if you approach her from behind she will jump well before you can rape her.
With relaxation also comes lack of sensitivity to pain and sensitivity to pleasure.
So this bad woman, will be quite right to jump because
when Indian army penetrate her she will experience pain rather than pleasure.

The actual layer of a body is where the aura finishes. So, example.
Suppose, eg I am good and have zero height aura, and she is 6 inch bad aura.
When a knife reaches to 6 inches from her she will be shit scared,
but not experience pain, except for the fact that her aura might have jumped to
say 12 inches, 30 cm.
So when knife is at 11 inches, she experiences sigificant pain.
And when knife is at 0 inches she is in agony, even though it has not drawn blood.
But Me, I might get say petrified, and kill Myself laughing when knife is 100 metres away.
Jesting. When you are good, you know nothing too too bad is going to happen to you,
so your aura remains near you, and you only experience big pain say
when knife is 2 inches inside you.

What happens is that the sensitivity you have is at the surface of the aura.

There is evil pain and good pain, evil pleasure and good pleasure.
If an evil muslim man has his foot cut off by a woman who loves him,
he will feel good pain, ie pleasurable, albeit he will be in absolute agony.
An evil person receives mostly evil or good pain, usually not much of the latter.

When a fly touches My good aura, it is evil pleasure and I do not like it.
I get mostly evil pleasure or good pleasure.

BKS Iyengar had a 9 inch aura. If a fly approached him at 9 inches 22 cm,
he would experience evil pain and his hair would stand on its end as the skin
contracted in fear of pain. He was tense, able to receive pain easily.

When you receive significant pain, your mind cracks.
Not only was He always shouting, etc. but he could not think.
He was only able to receive satanic thoughts and pass these on.

When you receive significant pleasure you get perceivable orgasm,
and short circuit, your mind blows, and fresh cells come in for fresh creative thinking.

Today, I was having My usual medicine: Kerala 'milk' ie yoghurt.
It tastes nothing like what I had for 1 day (well maybe a little longer)
when I was 0 months old.

So, to make it palatable I mostly have some chocolate,
sometimes toffee half way through.
Today I was THINKING. Hence shock horror I forgot to take the rest of the medicine.
So an hour or so later, I noticed it and it had been lying around so I could not have it,
fortunately for Me.
So, I empty My jug and bucket in bathroom of Hindu faeces (ie tap) water and
pour the youghurt into them, and swirl dilute with some tap ie more faeces water.
And then let the bucket and jug to stand like that for 12 hours.
Yoghurt bugs or milk bugs crawl all over the place and clean the bucket and jug, eating heartily.

OMEN 999
Today, shock horror there was a HUGE horrible evil spider in My bathroom.
When such dreadful things happen,
at the back of ones mind is what evil have I done to deserve this.
In My case, I have not done dreadful things so am happy to be near spider,
wave at it, so long as it does not touch Me.
All animals, insects are actually obedient.
They just do what Lord Vishnu wants, disappear anything at all they will do for Him.
Even if they are hungry etc. they will do nothing unless and until Lord Vishnu wants them to.

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