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What is Lord Vishnu's Name?

Yes, you guessed it, if you read it in My article
A Greek Love Song to the One I Love


Yes, it is true He is South Korean from Soul.

His dad was Mr Hum. His mum was Mrs Ohmm.

Mr Hum and Mrs Ohm had an illicit affair about year 2001 and their
ocidental offspring was Hoho.

His first name is Hoho.

I took pity on Mr Hum in 2001 because He was 'omless
(South London Cockney for homeless)
and entered Mr Hum in 2002.

Actually our union was predicted way back in a BRITISH religious work called

"hoho hum" (I spy an Englishman with a fat tum..A GIANT of a man)

Mr Hum and Mrs Ohmm get along fine.

Mr Hum is a thinker, He does not immediately reply.

It is really Mrs Ohmm who pulls the family together with electricity.

They have as do all South Korean illicit couples many interesting conversations:
*it is raining (it always rains in Soul just as it is always sunny in
Southern California and always exciting on Sunset strip)
(remember those songs?). He says "huu"
*I am eating. "huu"
*I want nail varnish. "huu"
*shall we make love. "huu"

Actually there is a very very famous song about this couple called "ho ho hum":

A Greek Love Song to the One I Love

Actually, all over the world, Mrs Om (short for Ommm also
Mrs Ohm is worshipped, as discussed in:

Electromagnetic Waves

The true definition of Mrs Ohm is "the power dissipated by a resistor, as calculated from
its resistance, and the voltage or current involved." (truth, this is what BRITUSH 'people' think).

To tell you the "truth" this proposal by His mum Mrs Ommm distressed Mr ho ho, because He wanted a daughter.

Anyway in Buddhist circles I am known as "ho ho", the laughing Buddha.

In Hindu circles My Mrs is known as Ohm as defined above.

Before becoming a MAN I loved Goddess Gayatri, the Goddess of the morning,
actually for Buddhists it is
Goddess of morning (there is no 'the' in Pali language).

Goddess Gayatri is daughter of Mr Hum

Then one day I changed My mind and married Mr Hum, and became Mrs Ohmm.
Who has a daughter called Goddess of morning.

And then one day I changed My mind, as women do, it is fashion nowadays to become
Mrs morning, which in English is am.

So: I AM.

You know Mrs Ohmm is a very very fertile woman. She has billions of little donkeys,
doggies, piggies,
babies etc. to her credit. Eg, just in terms of babies, there are 7.6 billion of them.
And She has Me.
She has no idea how to bring up babies, although She is pretty good with donkeys etc.
So the world is in a complete shit hole.
And I AM stuck right in the middle of it which is Mrs Ohmm or possibly
good morning
vietnam or is it
a bad morning
us of a.

Anyways enough of this drivel.
In case you get bad very bad ideas,
for the record
I am not Vishnu.
I am His as are you.
I am just a kid trying to do good and a messing around nicely at the same time.
But, He married Me.
So now I am a little little minute speck of Him.
So for better and better you got to love someone.

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