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What attracts a woman to a man?

When I say a man or woman should first consider attractiveness, let us determine precisely what this means for a woman.

Now, I am a man so obviously know about these matters.

Here is the definitive list:
1. Crew cut hair, US military style
2. Shoulder length hair on Tuesdays
3. Earrings on Wednesdays
4. A wallet with $1 million notes crammed in it, ALL days
5. 7 foot (2.6 metre) diameter biceps
6. Hairy chest.
7. Nude chest.
8. 9 inch (23 cm) penis
9. A man who rams a vibrator into her anus
10. 21 inch waist (53 cm)
11. 24 inch waist
12. 6'6" (2.7 metres) virgins
13. a pretty face.

Yes, it is true, todays woman gets a hard on particularly if a boy has all of the above characteristics.

And she gets particularly hard when she sees a kind man.

She may be beautiful, she may be ugly, she may be rich.

Items for purchase from 1 to 13 above count for zero when she looks at a man.

She looks for softness in his eyes.

Of course, after .01 seconds of determining whether the eyes are soft, her mind kicks in.

And a man, what does he find attractive in a woman?

It is softness in her eyes.

Did you know that

learning geography and mathematics makes the eyes hard?

wearing contact lenses and glasses does the same, as does

killing babies

telling lies

sending your children to school

arguing with a husband



and that it is not possible to construct a robot with soft eyes

but that a lion has soft eyes

And that babies start off with soft eyes, and that

giving love makes the eyes softer

as does walking in the countryside

as does moisture and even flooding

and that the eyes are the external representation of what goes on in your heart

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