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A History of the World

Mankind began in 4203 BC when the first Alwar (Avatar of Mine) was born.
People made love and were happy. There was no work, cooking, etc.
However, by 1021 BC, a new age started (Kali Yug).
With life experiences, people developed pride in their knowledge, and started disobeying Me.
Disobeying Me, they were due to suffer, and a shortage of food arose.
At the same time the first Buddha was born, in the eastern part of in the Kingdom of Magadha (now Bihar).
The Buddhists are the Kshatriyas (kings and warriors), and Brahmins (priests).
They were the first atheists, leading people who did wrong away from Me.
Mankind started to form groups and tribes and eventually nations, following Buddha, rather than Me.
This was the start of Western 'civilization'.
Buddhists went all over the world from India, to asia, russia, europe, the americas in search of food.

Different groups under different leaders became Jews, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Incas, Red Indians,.. and started the huge Chinese dynasties.

Egyptian 'Civilization'

It is often thought that Egyptian civilization started thousands of years ago. This is not correct.
The tombs are a legacy from Satya Yug, a previous age of the world. The Rosetta stone was from this previous age too.
There is no other evidence of thousands of years of history.
Tribes of Buddhists with leaders went to Egypt in 605 BC. They believed in many gods, and the people were encouraged to think of the Pharao as a living god.

Greeks, Romans

Both maintained a sacred fire for their burnt offerings (humans) to the 'beast' with bestial practices towards their huge slave population.

Birth of Islam

It took off (started slaughtering people) in 636 AD.

Western 'Civilization'

Everything is bad about America (located across the world wherever there is a MacDonalds):

  1. Atheism...
  2. Food...
  3. Communications, like telephones, television,..
    all bad for you as it stops face to face genuine
    versation and interaction...
  4. Science, computers, washing machines, contraceptives, nuclear bombs, telescopes...
    all stopping you from engaging in love and happiness...
  5. General Motors,..all founded on unethical principles.
  6. Political institutions, legal system, police forces, army, border control depts...
  7. Entertainment. All completely bad as you know. Violence which is true pornography...
  8. Family life, abortion, children disliked and if they happen are sent away to nannies, kindergarten,...
  9. Schools...

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