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Am I horrid enough for a homosexual lover of God?

A. Preliminary remarks:

If you are looking for a secure home and income, you are mistaken. Marriage is not about money.

Given that sex is the most basic drive in all living beings, it is not surprising that it is the single most important factor in selecting your mate.

The first time you engage in sexual activity is the best indicator of whether you suit Me/him.


Even if you pass this test, things may not work out between us/you.

So, you MUST answer the following questions to give you a very good idea of whether you should settle with Me/him.

If 'Yes' to ALL the questions, you should settle down with him or is it Me?

B. Questions about prospective wife/lover:

Answer honestly

Now, some of these questions are verifiable if you meet (eg, age from passport, hours sleep, breast data,hymen data..)

so at the very least for these you should be honest.

Suppose you meet and he sees that you have lied and then slashes you with a knife?

Or, if he does not and he does not want you, maybe I will (want you or slash you with a knife).

The best is to just answer honestly and not lie.

And of course, you are welcome to try and upset or please Me/him with any questions of your own

Any questions at all that you have, just ask.

Particularly when two people may wish to settle together for life, truth is good.

Take your time

If you are not sure or do not know, try and find out:

Date of birth



Hip size

Colour of left nipple

Are your toes clean?

Approximately, how many hours do you sleep in a typical day?

My vagina lips are red (now for this very very important question, you must do as follows:

1. remove rose tinted specs or contacts
2. get some cash
3. buy an oval shaped mirror about 1 cm wide and 5 cm long, about size of a man's 4 fingers
4. rub off ANY red nail varnish
5. then apply wetness
6. then lick off
7. then repeat process for 23.5 hours
8. then you will find that lips are sore as hell
9. and as bright red as a woman's blushes
10. and then answer the question, is a boy/man who does this to me one I want to marry?
11. am I going to make him as sore as hell squared?
12. if the answer is 'yes, 1 minute max' proceed to next question.

I have never ever made love to anyone in my current lifetime
His penis entered my vagina and semen flowed in:yes/no

(if it did, you are married to the first such, not necessarily ruled out if he does not want you)

My hymen (thin membrane that surrounds the opening to my vagina) is intact

(well, I/he may be interested or I/he may not, if you want to know, you have to ask.)

I would like a large hard/small tiny soft penis to enter Me

If I fall asleep while this is happening I would like to be punished

I would like a bucket of ice-cold water poured over me to wake me up

My tits point a little upwards towards Lord Vishnu

My breasts are perfectly round

My breasts are not big like happens to mothers after delivery

My breasts are not small like a man's

My breasts are firm

My nipples have not yet delivered milk

My nipples they are firm

Photo of face and breasts attached

I love my nipples to be pulled, squeezed, rotated

I like to be rubbed

I rub myself everyday

I have a Swiss bank account with full details attached

All my gold, jewellery, etc is yours

I want to be loved

I want a nice dinner if he permits it, just once

I want Kalki to love me

I will be vegetarian non smoker

I give up everything for Kalki

He can do with me whatever he likes

And I will kiss him gently and sweetly and tenderly whenever and wherever he wants

Looking at Him brings joy to my heart

I promise to wank him whenever he wants

I will never ever make him cry

I wash my toes every day

I am less than 63 kg

I have a firm toned body

I am pretty

I like to smile sweetly

I promise to get hugely wet before he enters me: see

Sexy Tantric Health

I am fit

I want to be romanced

I will be so so nice to him that he will be happy with me

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