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About people

1. Man and woman are built exactly the same, in one life you are male, in the next you are female.

2. You are a soul, you are not a body, not a mind, you have a body, you have a mind.

3. Your soul has been in existence for over 500 million years and its sole objective is to love Lord Vishnu.

4. It is given a mind to be able to analyze data, and is given a body to be able to give and receive pleasure and pain.

5. The soul has also been given attributes like ability to understand, desire and aversion.

6. Initially when created, it had desire and aversion, but no understanding.

7. Desire is for orgasm and aversion is to pain.

8. The mind has a state of either being happy or being unhappy. It is not like a computer.

9. There is no such state as 'very happy' or 'a little sad'.

10. The mind is driven by a search for happiness, it does not care about pleasure or pain.

11. Happiness for the mind happens when it has done what the soul wants it to do, and unhappiness the opposite.

12. This, the above, defines the entire functionality of the mind.

13. Initially, with no understanding, the soul was driven by the mind in the mind's search for happiness.

14. As some understanding happened, the soul became proud of its knowledge.

15. Corresponding precisely to pride, it exercised free choice to do evil.

16. Good is doing what Lord Vishnu says and evil is doing the opposite.

17. However, the more proud is the soul, the less is its ability to understand.

18. Hence, not only did the soul do evil, it also did not understand which of its decisions will lead it to orgasm and pleasure and which lead to pain.

19. Each life, doing some good and some evil led it to some pleasure and some pain.

20. With more and more pride and hence pain, each life, matters build up to a point where

21. The soul surrenders to Me.

22. I love this soul and merge it into Me, and, its purpose being over, it no longer exists.

23. About love. Originally, the soul had no love capability, it just wanted orgasm and lack of pain.

24. But some souls did not become proud, they exercised their free choice to do good, to obey Me.

25.For these souls I gave them an ability to love: themselves,their spouse and Me.

26. Initially, all such souls loved themselves, the more good and less bad they had done the more they loved themselves.

27. Next,any further good they did, by pleasuring the spouse I had selected for them, the more love

28. For Me or for their husband I gave them.

29. In the next life this love carried over and so with time they both more and more loved each other and Me.

30. And for a man, when he loved Me more than he loved himself, I merged him into Me, for him to

31. Retain his mind but not his soul with forever peaceful happy thoughts about his past and those injected into it by Me.

32. And for the other soul, if she in her life developed more love for her husband than for herself

33. I merged her into Me also, with an independent free thinking happy mind also.

34. And, if she failed in sufficiently pleasuring her man, in her next life as a man, she continued

35. On her path of loving Me.

36. All souls merge into Me, with love and forever happiness if they have done good, and with sorrow

37. For doing bad, and happiness for the good they did.

38. Those who got to love Me were born in Tamil Nadu with happy peaceful lives.

39. Others were born elsewhere with pain and suffering at birth, during their lives and at death.

40. Now there are no further lives and all will develop love for Me (i.e. to love Me more than they do themselves).

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