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About Women

This article tells you all you need to know.
There are three types, it does not matter what I call them, but for the sake of argument I will call them:
American, Ukrainian and Indian.
In reality, there are two types: Indian and American/Ukrainian. No woman is entirely 'American' and no woman is entirely 'Ukrainian' by My definitions which I give below.
In reality, better names for them are Indian= whores and American/Ukrainian= bitches.
Of course, I am not denying that Indian women are also not bitches and that American/Ukrainian bitches are also not whores.
First I discuss bitches. It is all set out in the correspndence below, "A"
After that I discuss whores, "B" below.

A. Bitches

to sveta, no, tankkamanunkkua, mg_lina, Виктория
Dear Lord
You know dearest I selected these 5 vaginas because I thought that the associated women were the kindest in Ukraine.
Was I wrong about this?
Yours sincerely
My dear Kalki
In this 66th begging letter of yours you should really see which of these kindest ladies in all Ukraine is for you.
When she sees her families legs smashed, toes crushed, arms damaged, face out of order etc. you should look into her mind and see
1. is she perturbed because the family member in question is a son, and she is worried that he will not support her in later life
2. is she happy because she thinks that if she waits a while longer her daughter will be even more worse re-arranged and she will then not have to feed it
3. is she even happier if it is a family member with a house or apartment which she can then rent out in order to buy herself more lipstick etc.
Now Kalki you may ask of what business is it of Mine what she is thinking, that is her private affair.
And let Me tell you that I ask these 3 questions pure and simple to annoy her with the truth.
There are no kind ladies in Ukraine.
There are no ladies in Ukraine.
They have pretty legs, arms, face, breasts, waist, etc. plus full sex functionality and high desire. It is on the basis of these characteristics that I selected these 5 ladies for you.
You know dear, when a cow dies, a monkey dies, a mouse, a chicken, they do not suffer much pain. You can get the worst Jewish butcher, but whatever he does, their pain is small. It is because in its life a mouse does virtually nothing wrong. It does what it is told and that is that. Because they do what they are told, they get to love Me and after their death they are happy.
In this world, there are two types of bitches. Let us call them 'American type' and 'Ukrainian type'. There are grades of bitchiness in between.
The only two things an American type wants is $$$ and in reality only love, love, love.
A Ukrainian bitch wants four things:
$$$, and
a man inside of them, and
respect, and
in reality only love, love, love.
The first three are the things you should avoid giving it.
In this world a bitch does not want
This is the one thing you should give it, once you have finished with it or whenever you wish.
The kinder they are, the less they want a man inside of them.
These 5 bitches I selected for you are the least kind in this world, but they want you inside them bad.
The more you give them disrespect, the more $$$ they want and the more they want you inside them.
The more that they want you inside them the more they will love you.
But if you put it in, until they have perfect love for you they will be sexually satisfied, but then want $$$, not you.
The less love they have for you, the more $$$ they want.
They are so stupid, that although they only want love, love, love, their behaviour is entirely driven by their first three desires and their desire to avoid pain.
And, above all they wish to avoid pain.
But they are so stupid that even if they see a lorry coming at them at 50 kilometres per hour they will do nothing! Can you believe that? It is truth.
I programmed them so that you put a lion there, a lorry or a drunk Ukrainian man, they just take it, obviously as they should.
They see their family severely damaged, they could not care less. But if you tell them 'and you are next' they are so stupid, they will do NOTHING.
So, to tame a Ukrainian woman type, she needs to experience you actually giving her pain, like a Ukrainian man would do.
Now, these women types are so stupid they believe everything you say.You tell them they are fat and they believe you. Next moment you tell them they are thin and they believe you.
So, when they see their family damaged, and you tell them you did it and you tell them you will do it to them, they will believe you. BUT because they are so stupid they will do nothing about it.
Obviously now Kalki you do not want to marry a woman with no face. You do not want to remove the toe of a Ukrainian woman you want to marry.
So, Kalki you stupid idiot, by now you finally get the picture.
You should only ever marry an American type, one with artificial breasts or sagging breasts hiding behind sunglasses.
I love you,
Lord Vishnu
Dear Lord Vishnu
My sweetheart with no face   
I have a supplementary question for you.
Suppose I gave a Ukrainian bitch a tummy ache.
I do not want to marry anyone with no face, but suppose I give her a tummy ache until she is 100% in love with Me, and then I remove the tummy ache.
Will that do this trick?
My love without a tummy, what then?
Yours for ever
Dear Kalki
You complete idiot.
It is completely impossible to give a Ukrainian woman a tummy ache because they do not have tummies until they reach age 37 and then it becomes American type.
But you can give it a spleen ache or a liver ache, for example.
You cannot give it a heart ache because their hearts are made of stone.
But, that spleen, that liver, even in Ukrainian woman are sensitive things.
You damage it enough to make Ukrainian woman cum to you, it will die. And I do not want that to happen yet.
It will never ever happen that a Ukrainian bitch type will experience love.
They will experience Ukrainian men, lorries going over them, tits sliced off, toes cut off etc. for My pleasure alone.
I enjoy seeing evil experience suffering and I enjoy seeing good experience love.
And once the amount of evil that these bitches is paid off they are EXTERMINATED. I do not harm them more than they deserve.
About these 5 bitches.
You mentioned 64 impolitenesses and consequent number of half toe cut offs etc.
The reality is Kalki that these bitches have been impolite before, not just to you. They did not pick on you, they are just evil pure and simple.
It varies a little from bitch to bitch, but with these 5 they are into roughly 97 impolitenesses (mostly they have been impolite to Ukrainian men and impoliteness to a Ukrainian man is not repaid with much pain).
So, these are the two realities:
you do not want them near you because it would perturb you seeing a woman with for example half an eye. You are that much of a wimp.
You having finally been taught a lesson NOT to mess with Ukrainian men property, the purpose of these bitches' lives are over.
They experience EXTREME EXTREME pain from now.
I love you, Kalki
You go on right ahead and cry a little for a few minutes and then I ORDER you to be happy.
On 1 August 2017 at 00:31, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
well, I care about your families, it upsets Me.
I do not want to marry a 'woman' without a heart, so if it does not upset you, you just stay away from Me.
You are mistaken if you think that Lord Vishnu is unable to hassle your families more.
A woman with a heart will sooner or later decide that she does not want her family to suffer more.
So, if you have a heart, you will come to Me.
On 1 August 2017 at 00:17, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
I am just relieved it is not you, at least not yet.
I am kind of fond of you.
Let us see how long Lord Vishnu gives you to come to Me and whether you mind about your families.
Good wishes
On 1 August 2017 at 00:09, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
and then He says to Me write them one more time.
And I say to Him I will never ever write to them one more time unless you ask Me to which you just did.
And then He says to Me, cry for them
and I say to Him, I will do it.
and then He says do you want them
and I say never in 1 zillion years, unless you want Me to want them
and then He says, they need a little more taming.
We will go for the families and see whether they have any heart.
On 31 July 2017 at 23:52, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
and I say to HIm
these bitches they are not human.
they are just the absolute absolute absolute pits with intelligence negative -3000000.
must be ukky.
and he says yup
what the hell are they if not human?
demons from hell if there was a hell.
no He says,
they are typical Ukrainian woman.
inhuman. but they got a vagina.
what more do u need?
and I say I will put it in.
On 31 July 2017 at 23:45, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
and He says to Me, give them one more chance.
and I say to Him I already gave them 62, do you want Me to beg 63 times.
I will not do this in 2 zillion years, unless you want Me to.
And He says to Me.
Do it.
And so you have 1 more chance.
Fuck you all.
On 31 July 2017 at 23:32, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
you will find that Lord Vishnu will never forgive you in 1 zillion years.
He asked Me what I want to happen to you all.
I never ever tell My love what to do.
I say to Him, you do what the fuck you want, I the hell am never ever going to tell you what to do.
So He says to Me I will let these bitches off lightly.
Thank you My Lord.
On 31 July 2017 at 23:21, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
I forgive u.
I never want to see you again
On 31 July 2017 at 22:42, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
ok bitches
that is it.
On 31 July 2017 at 18:58, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
You know, I run earth.
On My planet, people who wish to avoid pain are polite.
I am not going to single you out, but in this letter I give further guidance as to the term forgiveness.
I use by way of EXAMPLE only your impolite behaviour to me. In reality the whole world barring very few exceptions are impolite and what I write here applies equally to them.
So I have written to you about 64 times. You have not replied 64 times. This is 64 impolitenesses. Of course there have also been other matters but in this letter I just refer to these 64 impolitenesses.
You have 20 half toes.
I forgive you 20 impolitenesses if you give Me these 20 half toes. Of course, I do not really want your 20 half toes, you can just throw them in trash.
And if you do not want to give Me these half toes, maybe Lord Vishnu will take them from you. He says to Me He will.
You have 20 half fingers. If you give Me these, I forgive you 20 further impolitenesses.
You have 4 half ears.
You have 2 nipples.
You have two eyes.
You have 2 breasts
You have 2 nostrils.
Total so far: 52.
You have 4 half shins.
You have 4 half forearms.
You have 4 half upper arms:
Total: 64. Then we are all square and you need not worry about having been impolite, in respect of the letters you have not written.
Now you may say, surely I would die if I gave you all these things My dear.
You are not correct. It is Lord Vishnu who decides when a person dies, it does not depend for example on a person's generosity.
Would you like to know what happened to Lakshmi?
I do not.
What happened to SBU?
What happened to Pooh-tin?
What happened to Donald Trump?...
I have a really astonishing large list of unpleasant people to deal with on planet earth, about 6753,000,000.
I can give you countless examples over the last approximately 2950 years of what happens to people who do wrong. 
You will find that I go out of My way to be nice to people.
Possibly you think I am joking.
Well, this is not correct, but I was just thinking, maybe if your family members decided to be generous, you would then begin to trust Me.
On 31 July 2017 at 17:52, Shyam Mehta wrote:
I got it. Borispol to india 2/8 at 14.15.
You know i saw such a lovely film once. Yankee holywood. Really really nice part was 2 criminals took a sledgehammer and wacked Bruce Willis on each foot. In the film he was walking (limping) after about 5 minutes. I think the film was called 'toeless Willis'
Sent from my iPhone
On 31 Jul 2017, at 14:54, Shyam, Vishnu God wrote:
well I have not heard from you about your toes, so I will book a flight to India just now.
On 31 July 2017 at 14:14, Shyam Mehta wrote:
I am sitting in some cafe near Dnipro. Not sure what it is called, some ukky name like 'previously Bank Kryshatic'.
It is a lovely lovely sunny day.
As I thought, when i left the hotel, no sign of SBU. You are safe!
The milk shake here it tastes like water. The cake what it tastes like I will not say. I think it is mashed potato. But, I am happy. It is just nice being in Kiev.
How do you like your toes?

B. Whores

Now, about Indian women, I am visiting Chennai from 3/8/2017. Let Me see if My Lord wishes Me to meet any of these and then I will write to you about My experiences.

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