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About Money

There are now no governments in the world and hence ALL their employees (police, hospital workers, tax collectors, prison officials,..)
are no longer paid.
Hence there is huge unemployment around the world.
However in a free market economy, prices adjust quickly and so those who are fit will soon find work at new labour cost levels.
Any ill-gotten savings etc. in banks will have been given to Me, so everyone is on the same footing with regard to purchase of food etc.
Socialist pensions, social security payments have also ceased.
Now, the cessation of government has quite wide ramifications.
Police (except now in India), army personnel are typically armed, with guns, grenades or whatever.
In every country, water supply has hitherto been state run. Hence, there is lack of running water.
In many countries, gas, trains, metros, rubbish collection, schools, hospitals have been publicly run.
Also, the water and milk supply is or shortly will be laced with cyanide*.

In some countries, fuel is state supplied and there will soon be no cars on the road.
All this is no problem if you ask Lord Vishnu for help politely. But which person nowadays knows how to be polite?
Hence one will have to travel typically quite some distances by bicycle, walking, for basics like food and water.
Initially with widespread unemployment and armed police etc. many people will not be safe if they have possessions like homes, food or water.
So, many people will die of thirst, starvation or crime.
Now you may think that it is OK for police, army etc., they will be able to survive easily.
This is not the case, because they ALL of them are guilty of crime: being non-vegetarian, threatening people, imprisoning them, accepting salaries funded by tax theft...
Hence they will suffer pain and also die in large quantities through lack of food and water, for example.
The survivors of course will be those who do little or no wrong: there is perfect justice in this world, see:
Bloodshed happens twice: Perfect Justice
For example, they may be involved in the food business, there will be no need for lawyers, accountants etc. as always.
People may relocate, leave their homes and move as in the past to river/lake areas.
But, not all river/lake locations are good for food supply.
Also, you will of course be punished if you leave behind family members, pets, farm stock etc.
Also there is still the question of cyanide in the water supply.
Of course, loos, showers etc. will not work and disease will spread.
Anyway, about money, in reality it does not matter whether you call a piece of paper a $ or a rupee, etc.
The real exchange rate is the cost of buying, for example, one week's worth of food, expressed of course in rupees or other local currency.
This I call 'Base Cost'.
In My article Cost of living around the World

I give Base Cost for the various cites round the world,
eg about Rs 1000 per week in Kerala.
But, it does not actually matter what Base Cost is. For example, suppose that Base Cost in Kerala declined to Rs 10 per week.
All that would happen is that the price of labour would also decline by approximately 100 times also.
But, the Base Costs that I have set out are the ones that do and will apply, in places where there is a population.
Many people will be focussed on pain or day to day living and not therefore interested in foreign travel, so for example, the USD $/rupee rate will be irrelevant for them.

But, of course, the amount you earn and the amount you have in your wallet are ENTIRELY dependent on what Lord Vishnu wishes.
For example, you may earn $1 per week, but when you look in your wallet (even though it is small size perhaps) it may contain $1,000,000.
Similarly, if He wants you to have a private car or water or food, you will have these even if you live in the middle of the Sahara desert.

*This is not true, as I mention elsewhere.

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