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About Hinduism

Nowadays, as I mention in My article Ganesh, Hinduism is all about wanting things: a successful business, a 'lucky' home,..
In fact, it has always been like that.

A. Why is this?

'Hindu' texts were copied from the Buddhist originals, as you will see from these articles:

The Bhagavad Gita is a Buddhist Text
The Ramayana is a Buddhist Text and
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are Buddhist,

In fact, all the ancient texts, the Vedas, the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads were Buddhist.

It is ALL evil rubbish from start to finish, begging, 'worshipping' evil buddhist gods, hum bug priests,
trading castes, untouchables, prostitute dancing girls in temples, temples taking money...

B. Buddhists: Background

Doing wrong, they were due to suffer and without My guidance, the void in their minds is taken over by the devil.
They travelled all over the world forming all the ancient 'civilizations' and the start of Western 'civilization'.
With the devil having taken over, the Buddhists were truly barbaric, but the slaves whom they were barbaric to were also meat eaters.

Whereas, when I created man, there was no caste system, the Buddhists divided up people into the four castes.
They relied on a leader and an army, a trading class and slaves to oppress people, together with priests, in all the civilizations they created.
The priests were Brahmins (descended from the original Brahmin Buddha), the leaders and armies were
Kshatriyas (descended from the original two Kshatriya Buddhas), the Vaishyas (trading class) were ordinary Indians as were the slaves.
The whole society, even in South India, was based on huge armies of slaves.

C. Kshatriyas eliminated in India

Then in 35 BC, Shiva incarnated as Parusharama to eradicate all male adult buddhist Kshatriyas from South India.

And, in 45 AD, the Kurukshetra war eliminated all Kshatriyas from North India also.

D. Development of language in India and first writings

Until 835 BC, there was no language (Egyptian, Harrapan etc. evidence of writing comes from a different age).
People made love and did not need to speak.
When the first Brahmin buddha was born, in 807 BC, he developed Pali, and the Brahmi script.
The Brahmi script was the basis of Tamil script and Sanskrit script. All the old Buddhist texts were written in Pali.
Although buddhist Kshatriyas had been eliminated from India by 45 AD,the kings and peoples in the cities still relied on the buddhist Brahmins.
In order to impress the Indian kings, the Buddhists rewrote the old (c. 600 BC) Pali texts into Sanskrit, in about 400 AD.

E. Start of Hinduism

Hinduism started in 453 AD, some 1100 years after Buddhist Kanha-dipayana wrote the Mahabharata,
including within it the story of Buddhist warrior Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.
It was a movement in the cities of India which were now controlled by non-buddhists,
but who relied on the Buddhist priests to communicate with the buddhist gods
The brahmins taught the kings and their children, and gradually Hinduism took off.

F. Start of Bhakti movement

The next main development in Southern India was the start of the bhakti movement that emerged in Hinduism
from 1105 AD in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, principally as a result of the philosopher Ramanuja (1077 AD-1157 AD).
The bhakti movement brought vegetarianism to India and so India was a much happier place than the rest of the world.
Further, the bhakti movement brought teetotalism to India.

Drinking alcohol, the less the worse it is, is the of the baddest things you can do to your brain.

G. Loving Krishna

With the Bhakti tradition, people began to love Krishna.
But, did they love Krishna, the Buddhist god?
No, they loved images of him, of his baby form, of stories of him.
What are the facts about Krishna?

  • He was a naughty child.
  • As an adult he killed people.
  • Did he kill people honourably? No.
  • In married life, did he set a good example? No.Eg he abandoned his first love. Had 5 wives.
  • Did he give good advice? No, he started the biggest war in Indian history.
  • How did he win the war? Through deceit.
  • Perhaps he died a nice peaceful death? No.Bled to death over 13 days.

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