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Is this her?:

A love letter to one woman

1. You, My future wife, WILL be happy
2. You, My future wife, WILL be darn happy.
3. You, My future wife, WILL be ecstatically happy.
4. You, My future wife, will first be romanced like no woman has ever been romanced before.
5. These, this painting of Mine, are/is for You, My Lord Vishnu:

6. Then you, My future wife, will softly say 'I would like dinner, or I would like a dance, or I would like to go to Bahamas, or I would like to do some loving'.
7. And this dance, if that is your, My future wife's, choice, it will go on forever. I may tread on her toes, deliberately. She may kick Me in the shins.
8. I will hold her, My future wife's, back so gentle. I will gaze into her eyes. I will brush her cheek hard with My thumb.
9. And we will just nicely, slowly, quietly, romantically, be close to each other, swaying our hips, and moving, and occassionally our cheeks will come close.
10. And I may brush her, My future wife's, hair softly with My finger tips. And then a little lovely kiss on her nose.
10A. Are you jealous yet, Lord Vishnu?
11. And then this giraffe, or woman, not sure what Lord Vishnu will give Me, will say 'I am tired'
12. And then we will lie down on a bed close to each other. Her head maybe resting on My chest, if that is comfortable for her/it.
13. And she will fall into a heavenly sleep, with beautiful dreams, the most happy sleep she has ever had.
14. And I will look at her with eyes of love.
15. And then the bucket of ice-cold water to wake her up.

16. And then she WILL be wet.
17. And I WILL be damned hard.
18. And then we will make love.
19. And then we will fall 157.33256% in love with each other.
19A. Are you damned damned jealous yet, Lord Vishnu?
20. And then she will be Mine and I will be hers until the end of time.

21. Walking on the sandy beaches bare foot in the moon light, hand touching, feeling making love her hand the Indian way, swimming in Hawaii, visiting Chitrakoot waterfalls:

or, for another example, Dimma lake:

and maybe if she wishes, living at the most beautiful spot in the world I found at Poovar, Kerala:

and in love.

22. And, most most importantly, like the only thing in this whole world that matters, is that Lord Vishnu will be pleased with us, and maybe 0.0000053652% happier than ever.

23. I hope the hell you will be My Lord.

24. This is My love letter to you, and to My wife, both. She comes a distant distant second.

I am Yours, please

She is Yours.


PS, when I say this is a love letter to one woman, it means it is a letter to a hairless titless spirit so that it gets so annoyed with Me that it
kills Me softly with its song (Charles Fox;Norman Gimbel, 1973) and copies "Killing Me Softly", 2002 erotic thriller film directed by Chen Kaige.
I know My Lord that You murder everybody, death in this life is the only certainty, because of You.
Slow, gentle, without pain for Me, My wife, anyone who has been nice to Me, 73 males and their whores, please, please, and others:

slow, real slow, with pain, horrible pain, please, please. Frying in oil, perhaps, for 15 seconds every 10 minutes? Just a suggestion to keep You happy.

PPS. If you think that is funny, you should really see what gets Me
I mean General Motors is the most fun company on the planet (maybe you heard of them, used to be the biggest car company in the world).
I recommend every one to take a look at ANY GM website page, starting for example with "". Did you know that they say they had Net Revenue at $37,000 million?
Such a fun website.
They must be rolling in laughter right now to have created such wonderful cars and websites and things.
A happy company with happy employees.

For example:"": "Chevrolet Offers Parents Safety Technology That Acts Like Extra Sets of Eyes":
eg: "In addition to Surround Vision and standard Rear Vision Camera, the all-new 2018 Equinox offers.. Rear Seat Reminder and Teen Driver."...
Just every every thing about this page is really really lovely, beautiful.
And most most importantly, "Chevrolet is one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 100 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year"!
Do I want a woman or do I want a Chevvy to ride?

More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

And take a look at the latest news, for example: $ August 2017.
These shit-holes North Korea threatening USA!
"Every minute and every second, the new reality that US mainland is on the knife's edge of life and death".
I mean this is love making.

And you go down this page, and you see lots of nice things, unusual in these times of censorship, for example, click:
You get hot and then you get disappointed and then you get hot and then you get disappointed, and it keeps on going that way.

This is the best Americans used to get, eg:

Do you know how frustrating it is for Ameriexcan loved ones and families abroad not to get any news, mobile contact etc. with their loved ones not dying in agony in USA?
However, these Americans will soon forget there 'loved' ones, because I have not forgotten them.

Although when you search for news about America (eg America horror 4 August 2017), you get nothing, you do get lots of news about upcoming horror movies, right up to forthcoming
releases in Dec 2024, for example, see bottom of page.
31 December 2024 is the date they are all gone, American loving disappears.

Now, My darling Lord Vishnu, you are a 'man'. You are not a yank. You need to wank.
Here is what you should watch:

to be disappointed
or would you prefer someone beautiful to make you hard:?
Sagging breasts
or black grape like nipples
maybe you like lesbians?
no breasts with vagina massage?
over-ripe melon like breasts
fat woman with something I do not know what at the rear end
Chinese, no pubic hair
tits point up ok-ish, but what a pubis
now this one is for Me, you touch her and I will kill you except her nipples are all wrong
absolutely imperfectly made, brunette, I give Her to you
I will have both of these as a fourth choice, please.

Oh My God, is this the best best you can create to make yourself happy?
Why give this rubbish to Me?
No, I am joking, they may not be perfect, but I also am not perfect.
And, when a man is healthy, he can get hard on any basically pretty woman if she is naked.
But, it is also true, also, He deserves better than this.

What about this one for Me, please.

Sagging breasts

But, if I ever get to look at her, and our eyes they meet, there will be no 'damn it I want her' feeling.

Can I have one that I want? Like our eyes meet and that is IT. Is that what you created eyes for?

And the truth is, in case you are a really really ugly woman or a beautiful one,
Lord Vishnu can rearrange your looks in 0.000176 seconds, actually less.

The real you is your soul. A man and a woman both need beautiful souls.
But, Lord Vishnu may not wish to change an ugly soul into a beautiful one, because it does not deserve it.

Woman says to man.
Kill me if you can.
So he does.
He dies a horrible horrible death for obeying a woman.

He is reborn as a woman.
She meets the woman she killed.
She says kill me if you can.
He dies a horrible horrible death for obeying a woman.

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