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When a man loves a woman

He will do anything (good) for her.
Love means that he loves her at least more than he loves himself.
And because of this giving of love, evil is driven out of him.
Which means that he listens to Lord Vishnu.
Which means that he will get love, from this woman or another if she is evil.
If she moves in the direction of falling in love with Him, that is towards loving him more
than she loves herself, then Lord Vishnu keeps them together and He tells the man how to
control and move the woman in the right direction, including through use of material on this
If she is moving apart, then Lord Vishnu helps the man, through guidance of what to do to get rid of her.
He does not interefere in the lives of this couple and never will give guidance to the woman.
By couple is meant any man together with a (single) woman he wants to love or give pleasure to.
The man may have several women he is interested in and then Lord Vishnu gives advice to the man, separately for each coupling.
A single woman is one who is not currently wishing to give love or pleasure to any specific man.
She might be an actress and wanting to give pleasure to many men, she is then still single, for example.
Or she might be a married woman not interested in servicing her husband. Or, for example,
if she is a porn star who wants to give pleasure to the male actor for 5 minutes,
she is for that duration not single.

In the case of other men, single or other, they are evil and so do not listen to Lord Vishnu.
When they do not listen, Lord Vishnu does not profer advice.

Similarly it is with other, ie all women.

But, he gives all peoples knowledge of whether they are doing right or wrong, and there is now also this

And He at appropriate junctures introduces a man or a woman to suitable partner material.

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