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Four Types of People

It is still true, but in olden times, there were 4 divisions of peoples outside Tamil Nadu:

1. Shaivites, believers fundamentally in Siva, worshipping his upright siva 'lingam' penis
where you sit on him and make sure you do not disturb him,
otherwise his third eye in the middle of his forehead
will open up and burn you rotten.
Sitting on him in those days as now meant finding a woman, sitting on her and
afterwards offering something of value directly to Lord Siva, such as her or your penis.
Or, such Hindus had to worship one of his wives such as Kali
(of course in olden times wife of Kalki) and satisfy her with offerings of
yourself or your children or wife, to make her happy.

2. Hatha yogins, worshippers of Shiva, who underwent penances of usually extreme torture
in order to directly satisfy Lord siva, who would otherwise open his third eye and burn you.
These Hindus wanted not tangible gifts like chocolate,
but even more important gifts of boons and magical powers,
so they could gain power over others directly and did not need to rely on God.

3. Vaishnavas, those who believed in Lord Vishnu, who is, they believed,
One who sits on a thousand headed cobra called Adishesha, satan (Kalki).
These Hindus either directly worshipped Lord Vishnu, or one of his sons etc. and believed
correctly that if they did not do good worship, the cobra would come and bite them.
Rather than offering children or wives, they offered their souls to satan.
They sat on their wives and did not so nice things to them and then satan came down and bit them. However, these Hindus believed, wrongly, that satan would give them good as distinct from
evil boons, as a result of doing what satan told them to do,
which was mostly not nice things to their wives and children.

4. Raja yogins, followers of Patanjali, adishsha, satan.
They worshipped satan, and realized that if they did not properly follow his instructions,
he would come down to bite them.
These Hindus were not looking for tangible gifts, but again power over others,
magical powers etc. so they did not need to rely on God.

Every adult in the world is actually one of these types of Hindu,
on a path of pain, until such time as they choose otherwise which
has always happened and will always happen.

Hatha and Raja yogins have given up marriage, but of course will not have given up
basic animal instinct, and either want to sit on or be sat on, as do shaivites and vaishnavites.
Their children are not Hindus, but are sacrificial animals.

For example, a Christian monk, one might think is happy being unmarried.
He is NOT happy being unmarried and inflicts his unhappiness on sacrificial animals,
including of course Christian nuns and children.

These Hindus are of course just a disguised name for a buddhist:
a descendant of the original Buddhists who left Tamil Nadu to settle all over the world,
who wanted more than Lord Vishnu had given them,
sold themselves to satan,
received messages from him
did enormous evil
and suffered enormous pain
before coming to heaven.

Just as everyone in the world was until now one of the Hindu castes,
so also is virtually everyone in the world one of these 4 types of Hindu.

Nowadays, most people are actually raja yogins.

They want to be good, they want to have sexual pleasure, but they want $.
Hence they sell their souls to $, satan, receive instructions from Him, do enormous evil,
receive no pleasure and are due enormous pain.

Of course, these instructions actually come from Lord Vishnu: "go fuck yourselves".
And so they do.

The instructions are now changed.

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