The Loving Heart Centre

This is NOT the way to do IT:

1. Is he in?
2. Is she ecstatic?
3. Can he see her?

How to go through life

1. You do what He (Lord Vishnu) says, when He says, EXACTLY how He says
2. Up to marriage a girl/woman does what her mother says and a boy/man does what his father says.
3. Marriage is the man entering a woman and his semen flowing.
Every man and every woman needs marriage, and to adjust properly to each other you need to marry young,
and that too to the first person that Lord Vishnu arranges for you, which is always someone that you are attracted to.
4. After marriage the woman should do exactly what Lord Vishnu says. She has only one husband, any other subsequent entry is adultery.
5. If she has left this man or he has left her and this man refuses to give her advice, she does what her mother says and
if her mother refuses or dies she does what she pleases.
6. The man may have more than one marriage but, after first he should do EXACTLY what Lord Vishnu tells him to do.
7. To your wife, to your husband, to Lord Vishnu, you do not complain, you do not beg, you do not pray.
You may ask once, politely, and then you wait. One year, 20 years or maybe 2 seconds.

8. The act of marriage means that the woman owes the man as much pleasure as he wants, and vice versa, for the rest of life.
9. It also means, for example, that both parties will look after each other, ensuring that the other is not thirsty, hungry or dirty.
10. Pleasuring has a financial value, given in Call Girls and Hard Men, prices, details

For example, suppose that the woman,is worth Rs 1000 per hour is very pretty say, and the man is worth Rs 500 per hour.
If we ignore the value of any food, clothes, holidays, then he needs to pleasure her for twice as long
as she pleasures him.

Suppose that the man wants 1 hour of pleasuring per day, cost Rs 1000 per day, and for example,
the woman wants 3 hours per day, cost Rs 1500 per day.
She then needs to pay him Rs 500 per day otherwise she is a thief and will suffer in pain worth this amount.
However, to stop a typical woman spoiling a marriage she actually needs about 5 hours of pleasuring per day.
So she needs to exercise as much as possible to gain health to enable her to cope with 5 hours.
Otherwise, for spoiling a marriage she is due a lot of pain.
11. Marriage is about being satisfied and so she should not ask for a lesser amount of pleasuring.
This is because if she does this she becomes disgruntled, etc. and will then become a bad wife, for
which she will suffer in even worse pain.
In marriage, each party should be satisfied.
In most marriages, it is the man who pays for food> Obviously, if there was specific agreement otherwise, this may not be true.
12. Now, suppose she leaves him. She still owes him Rs 1000 per day for the rest of life.
Or, the other way around, he finds a prettier woman and for no fault of the womans, asks her to leave.
He then owes her Rs 1500 per day for the rest of life, plus food etc.

If these amounts are not paid, then she or he will suffer appropriate pain.

13. A woman is ill-advised to go to work. This is because a woman needs a lot of pleasuring to keep her satisfied.
Also, if she goes to work, she will find some victim or other to vent her frustration on and then suffer a lot of pain.
14. Both parties to a marriage need to keep themselves in good health, attractive looking to their partner.
15. Working naturally results in loss of good health. Sometimes the man needs to work in order to support the family.
16. It is then unreasonable for the woman to leave the man on this account.
17. But, it is more than reasonable for the man to ask the woman to leave if she neglects herself
and becomes unattractive, frustrated etc.

18. Every woman is built desiring to surrender her body to her (first) man, as every man is built
with desire to surrender to Me.

19. If you do not do this, things go wrong for you.

How to surrender to Him (a man) or him (a woman)

Q1. Please, I would like to surrender my heart, my mind, my body and my possessions to you for you to do with as it pleases you.
A1. I do not accept your gift.
Result. You cry.
A2. I accept your gift.
Response: Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.
Next1. Please cut off your arm for Me.
Response. I am sorry, I will not/cannot do that.
Response. Then I do not accept your gift.
Result: You cry.
Or Response 2. OK, you have lied to me, but I still accept your partial gift.
Response. Thank you for accepting me, I am sorry to have lied to you, and I will from now on belong to you for you to do with as it pleases you,
as much as I am able.

And the man, obviously needs to give the woman gifts of equal value, otherwise he is a thief and will suffer pain:
Clothes, holidays, food, his body are examples.

Advice to men

1. You can mess around with any woman (female past puberty) you want, provided she does not belong to another man, and she is agreeable.
2. Obviously, if you physically hurt her then you will suffer, unless she is your property.
Similarly, you should not disturb her tranquility, nor her ability to receive or give pleasure, except in retaliation.
3. But, you should not enter her and release semen into her until she has surrendered herself to you and you have accepted her.
4. You should not lightly say yes.
5. Once she belongs to you, you can do with her what you want.
But of course, no man will harm a woman who has surrendered to him.
6. But, any wrong doing on her part is down to you. If she eats meat, you will suffer for it.
7. Men and women both respond to pain. So, if you do not love her, but want her to stay with you,
the simplest way to ensure she does what you say after surrender is to give her pain until she does do what you say.
The anus, not the vagina or breasts or face is a good place to start if you still want her.
8. No man loves a woman these days, so the only other question for you is, do you want her?
9. If not, and subsequent to marriage she has become unattractive through no fault of yours,
you should tell her to go and then find a woman more attractive to you.
10. You should not marry a woman unless you are sure about her, and after her surrender to you, you can always
get her to exercise, slim, not talk,..until she once again meets your requirements.

A couple of points I should mention about Lord Vishnu, God

1. He loves YOU.
2. He prefers YOU to be in love, happy, peaceful,.. than to be the opposite.
3. A few things maybe I should mention in case you do not have an IQ of 2073. Lord Vishnu has an IQ of in excess of 2073.
4. Nothing in this world is a coincidence, a chance happening.
5 There is a reason why He wanted Me to put together this website and ALL the articles in it for YOU.
6 And that reason is that He wants YOU to READ ALL the material, wank, rub etc. AND
7 To fall in love, AND to be happy through pleasurable sexual activity, with YOUR desire built up and fitness built up.
8 Cease satanic activities which lead you towards hate and suffering.
9 When He created man and woman, was there cooking, military, mobiles, nail varnish?
10 There was 22/7 sex leading towards love, with the PRECISE environment needed for it. Not one pubic hair too long nor too short.
11 The precise environment needed NOW for love is exactly precisely the environment that you have.
12 My Lord, He ALSO gives you free choice, to opt for happiness or to opt for PAIN.
13 BUT, it so happens, that every single one of you, sooner or later, WILL decide that you do not like pain.
14 And, with satan controlling your mind, your first choice is to do evil, hate.
15 And, the more evil you do, the more pain you will suffer.
16 So, you may be destroyed before you experience the absolute bliss of TRUE falling in love.
17 And, once destruction is set in motion, it cannot be stopped.
18 Not EVERYTHING on this website is the literal absolute truth as defined by satanic ("angelic") forces.
19 EVERYTHING on this website is the divine PERFECT truth of telling YOU what you need to know for the purpose of YOU falling in love.
20 AND the actual only purpose of you, of Me, is to make My Lord a tiny little bit happier that He already is.
21 AND since He is the one who created you, and Me, you and I both serve this purpose, precisely, exactly, fully.

22 AND in His mission of love, which is His entire mission, EVERYTHING He does ALWAYS succeeds, see

What happens when you approach God or He approaches you?

Avatar (divine representation) of Lord Vishnu

Pretty darn good progress as of 9.50 am Indian Standard Time 22 10 2017

1.ALL governments, including ALL reliant on tax extortion, bribes etc. screaming, out of job, etc..
3. Thus eg no more socialist jails, police, hospitals, customs, tax scum, army, zoning officials
eg:India's biggest bank, State Bank of India, complete scum racketeers these, now closed, and ALL account balances to be given to Me.
4. Socialist water off, only Lord Vishnu provided water available.
5. American electricity off if socialist.
6. British car off the roads shortly, if socialist fuel.
7. All hell breaking loose on those who have sold themselves to Satan
8. Criminal types, eg many hotels, taxi drivers, accountants..justice commencing from today
9. Women prostitute keepers and tormentors, justice also commencing today.
10. Disease, dogs, starvation, thirst, 'accidents', cannabalism,.. all starting to impact EVIL shortly.
11. Perfect justice will not only be done but seen to be done.

12. And, equally, wonderfully happy time now set for ALL good people.

13. All heaven breaking loose on those who have sold themselves to God.

14. Is that just the two of us? Or does anyone else want to join in?

15. And the nice thing is that heaven and hell will last a long time, plenty of time to enjoy or suffer, as you wish

16. As you will see from the list of articles below, I have made a number of Acts in the
public interest, to do with fairness, freedom,land, reasonableness, cleanliness,contracts.

Who is mad at Me?

1. Muslims. 31 fatwahs. Their time coming today.
2. ALL of 94 biggest corporations across world (taking over their websites). 187 hitmen hired to pop Me. In progress retribution.
3. Vatican. Absolutely livid for what I done to them. 37 hitmen. Crucifictions coming.
4. Yanks. Hopping mad. CIA, special forces,..If they think napalming Vietnam was fun, they now experiencing even more fun.
5. Brits. Perturbed. MI6,...11 attempts on Me. Pain for them happening soon.
6. Israelis. Mossad. Oh dear.Not nice girls are Mossad. 2800 years of horror for them to continue.
7. Ukrainians. Dumb blondes. What I did to them, oh boy. FSU secret service disarmed all 17,007 of them. Country in turmoil
8. Pooh-tins. Long history of hating Me. Troubled times set for them.
9. Sri Lankans. What did they do to the Tamil Hindus? Year after year of horror for them.
10.Chinks. Hate being told to exit Tibet, hate their biggest corporations being destroyed.
Their secret service agents all over the place. 23 hit attempts. Lots of fun with them.
11. Others. In interests of brevity, details not given. Opus Dei, Cosa Nostra not happy now.
12. Modi. India. Oh dear. No travel allowed for Me. So I go Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Sri Lanka, Ukraine...
13. All Indian travel agents asked not to give Me tickets. So, they will close.
14. All Indian airlines asked not to give me seat. Eg. Jet Airlines. All seats full to Trivandrum, so I take the one I want.
They serve Me first and give Me 2 seats, even though they do not know who I am..
15. All Indian hotels asked not to accept Me. I go 5 hotels of My choice.
16. Cyanide poisoning of Kerala (25/9/17, see below), Tamil Nadu by Modi just happened when I was there.
17. All army, police, secret services told to hassle Me. They hassled.
17.4 Currently, Indian Special Branch looking for Me! (no longer)
17.5 Today 24/9/17 I bought air ticket to Delhi (not allowed!). Masses of Kerala policemen looking for Me. They have My pic, they know
I am in blue T-Shirt and blue jeans. Every 200 yards 1-6 policemen looking at Me, looking down, up..Not one sees Me!
17.6 So many hostile actions against Me, you cannot believe. Emails. Wifi. Dating sites...When the devil takes over your mind, you/she goes all out.
18. Now, are girl wankers 1-17 really mad at Me? No, I approach them with love, and Satan instructs them to try and do evil. It is not possible to be mad at goodness.
19. As you know (see below) I have come to bring love and happiness and to destroy evil. The destruction of evil is not the American way of [slow] EXTERMINATION.
20. It can happen, it only happens through love. Now you may say, perhaps rightly, that Americans, Indians, women, chinks, wogs, japs etc.
are too thick like moronic to understand that it is more pleasurable to be in love and happy than to hate and be in HORRIBLE pain.
Well I do not like to argue.
All lost jobs, homes, and you can cut their arm off they cannot move with the pain they got.
Any grievances, whatever, you just go ahead and do it to them.
Even if you chop head off they will continue with pain.
This applies to junior staff. Senior staff just watching, will not harm you, from today they will have
pain too, but their pain surpasses UNIMAGINABLY HORRIBLE PAIN BY A LONG WAY.

21. Anyways, some questions for you:

a. do you think Modi's idea of putting cyanide into milk and water supplies of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is a good one, or should these
residents take a little more time to die?
b. are residents of Kerala on average more respectful of Lord Vishnu?
Should they be killed off straightaway or be given more time too?
c. if you are resident of Kerala, do you think that Lord Vishnu will unjustly be giving you pain?
Please feel free to write Me.
d. do you think that Modi and those who obey him should be cyanided, or should it take a little longer?
e. do you think any Indian airline will accept them as traveller? Will his 13 (unlucky number) private jets work?
f. will any hotel accept him/them as guest?
g. should he/they be given visa to go to Pakistan, or maybe Kashmir or Southern Sudan?
21.5 I award cyanide poisoning to all India (those living in India), and abroad.
More details about cyanide poisoning are below.
21.6 When one who loves Lord Vishnu gives you prasad, you should say 'thank you'.
22. As at present, only My Lord He loves Me.
23. And I respectfully mention to Him my thought, that all the above is completely irrelevant unless You think otherwise.
24. And I respectfully mention to Him my thought, that if there is any slightest thing You wish and enable me to do to bring more love
and happiness and fun into Your life, may You allow me to do it, if it so pleases You.
25. And I respectfully mention to Him my thought, that if there is any way You can enable me
to give You more and more of my or anybody's love,
more and more every second of every day, please allow me to do so, if this pleases You.
26. And, of course, being the Lord, His wishes are infinite, His abilities are infinite
and there is not one single thing that He cannot do.

Avatar of Lord Vishnu, see below

Hindu hater Modi back and now cyanides Kerala

He puts 43 kg cyanide into Kerala water supply and widely distributes cyanide into milk supply (33 kg). Again you may say, does not sound like much for big state like Kerala. You are wrong.
About milk, it is easy to tell whether yours is poisoned or not. Put in fridge.
Take it out after about 6 hours, and it is becoming exceptionally creamy.
Thick cream at bottom and bitter thick milk the rest.
Of course, cream is good for you, but not this one.
The water you cannot tell, except if you drink it, about 2 hours later you start to sweat cyanide out.
Initial symptoms are skin itching, coming out in blotches 0.1-2 inches (0.25-5 cm) in diameter,
small beige excretion from eyes, more sleep, heartburn
(not english type, but actual heart is being burnt away, pain not too great initially
because not too many pain receptors in heart).
Later, it is more painful, and later still it kills you.
With these small quantities it takes about 4 weeks.
Of course, if you take active steps to respect Lord Vishnu, and/or myself
(whom am an infinitessimal part of Him from the date of Him marrying me in 2002) maybe
He will relieve you of some or all suffering and perhaps imminent death.
It works like this. I mention to Him that I do not want Miss xxx to be suffering anymore,
or Modi to suffer 47 years, for example, then my slightest wish it will be granted,
not necessarily immediately: it all depends on what is good for love and happiness.
See, for example, How the hell to love Lord Vishnu?
A bit much this Modi fellow, particularly after what he did in Tamil Nadu, see below.
Anyways will be heading out of Kerala first available flight.

5 thugs yesterday.
12 wog police today spend 3 hours breaking into My hotel Jeevan 'Beach Resort' calls them in, when thugs fail.
Police owned rickshaw driver wants Rs 1500 for fuel,then dumps Me in middle of nowhere before calling police wogs.
Now, last 1 hour huge truck outside My new hotel crawling with Indian army. Hostiles? Dogs aswell.
Why do you think that they keep their very loud engine running hotel 11.30pm to 5.15 am, so far.
Residents getting upset, Me I do not sleep much so no problem.
SLEEP deprivation, intimidation, then torture..
Police standard procedure before beating or raping is not to let you sit. Will shit from army let Me sit? Sleep?
Did you know that 'indian' 'army' is really British army, because they are so stupid
they think betraying their country will earn them place in heaven.
Did it before 1947, doing it now.whities.
Over last 20 years, I have had about 275,000 snoopers listening to Me, many countries, police, secret service,..
All lost their hearing.And then there were the peepers. Guess what happened to their eyesight?
5.15 am. I have sense that fun is starting. My pets (see article below) started barking a few minutes ago.
Lord Vishnu advises Me that these Brit shit holes have marksmen and maybe better to not stand in front of window!
8.15 am. I was right.I quickly peeked outside, risked My life. Other wogs now outside.'Brave' people happy to lose eyes etc.
I wonder how much British govt. niceness persuades them to be happy to lose eyes++?
8.16. They went.All 2 of them.

Anyways, I thought we could schedule cyanide poisoning, as follows:

State/country: When does cyanide start? (01.00 am Indian standard time):
Tamil Nadu: done
Kerala: done
Austria: done
Belarus: done
Calcutta and rest of state: 24/10/2017
China: 27/11/2017
Coambitore and rest of state: 14/12/2017
Ahmedabad and rest of state: 17/12/2017
Czech Republic: 19/1/2018
Delhi and rest of state: 22/1/2018
Estonia: 27/1/2018
Germany: 1/2/2018
Hyderabad and rest of state: 4/2/2018
Kanpur and rest of state: 9/2/2018
Kazakhstan: 16/2/2018
Kyrgyzstan: 19/2/2018
Lithuania: 22/2/2018
Lucknow and rest of state: 27/2/2018
Madurai and rest of state: 2/3/2018
Mumbai and rest of state: 7/3/2018
Poland: 26/3/2018
Russia: 31/3/2018
Spain: 11/4/2018
Surat and rest of state: 18/4/2018
Turkey: 21/4/2018
USA: 24/4/2018
Bangalore and rest of state: 25/4/2018
Rest of India: 27/4/2018
Other countries: 30/4/2018

South America x Brazil
Africa x South Africa, Ethiopia
New Zealand
South Korea
Papua New Guinea
which are done.

Mission almost almost almost accomplished

Well, very very soon, ALL evil, even in India, will be in pain and dying kinda slow.
The purpose of this evil was to give Lord Vishnu a laugh, to make Him happy: what complete idiots,
beating up people, knowing they will suffer huge pain as a result, but doing it anyway!
They did this and will continue to do so until they all die.
And now the only thing remaining is for Me to find a woman and to marry her
Once this is done She and I are in and later head out to heaven (Vaikuntha).

Are you, My single female Indian Hindu (English or Tamil speaking) visitor, that woman?
Hindu = one who loves India.
Or are you aiming to die real slow?
Love, peace, fun, ecstasy, sex from when We meet until the end of time.
And ALL so that We can please Him.

Kalki given warm reception in Bangalore by Bangalore Police Dept

I arrive North Bangalore. 3 death attempts.
I go to Cubbon Park, Central Bangalore, 5 DEATH attempts.
I quit both hospitable places (you cannot believe what else they tried! )
So, I get on metro. 7 wankers detain Me for 4 hours. They will not give Me their names
One was Wasim Pasha, real thug, another was Devaiah, absolute monster, and 5 security agents from company 'BVG India'
Real real nasty types these. Give Me Rs 250. Next. Give me Rs 500. Next 'else you go to jail for 3 months'
Next 'else you go to jail for 6 months'. Next we want Rs 1000. I offer them Rs 10.
One man has big wooden stick. Hits Me with it!
Can I sit down? NO. I sit down. Wasim thug pulls chair from under Me and breaks chair.
Finally, no money so they call police. Eg claim I hit them and broke chair.
Wog police have no interest whatsoever in listening to Me. They real friendly with Wasim thug.
They invite Me politely to police station and also coffee outside! I politely decline interview with 20 police thugs.
I ask for their names, for them to arrest the 7 senior Bangalore metro staff with bulging muscles.
Of course what wog policeman is going to give you his name? I was just messing with EVIL.
So, then I leave, fun over for a few minutes.

What pain has come to Bangalore PD they now do believe.


I am going to Delhi, and am also filing a police complaint (joke).
The press here in Kerala is controlled by Modi and will not listen!
Every person in Tamil Nadu now to have 0.5 grams or more of cyanide in them, but it will not harm them until I have left.
Number of dead (not walking dead) shortly:36 million

Major 'Hiccup' in Lord Vishnu's Plan for World Domination

2. They send Me to Novascotia Nahadeep hotel, room 17, Door 4, North Crescent Road, off GN Chetty Rd, T Nagar
4.Buddhist Modi Receives Kalki Avatar of God in Chennai

I book a nice hotel.
Modi's mistress Seema Jain (98844 98114, switches booking so I get not nice apartment in not nice part of town.
Wrong: mother fucker Modi gives Me poky ROOM in apartment, not even poky apartment. Outside toilet.
24/7 Army guard, man who is so stupid when I say GET ME Rs 500 recharge on MY phone he gets me Rs 90.
Then when I ask him to GET Me another 400 He GETS Me Rs 300 which is all I need. This wanker is named 'Bapi' (7604 976009, 7092 324295).
3 more army men to come into My apartment, but I leave, Bapi tries to stop Me. Bapi such a nice man enters My room 3 times without knocking.
Modi wifi not working, strangely but of course that is not problem for Me.
Seema says you can only use Uber or Ola taxi service in Chennai because they have close links with Indian Govt.
She says there are NO other taxis and she demands to know where I am going and then she will so kindly book Uber for Me. I get other taxi.
Did you know ALL banks in India (and world) closed soon.
Did you know I was being friendly to Modi until yesterday?


1. Russia and Poohtin not very happy (screaming, what is coming out of them? Is it puss or is it puke?).
2. USA as sore as hell (yelling and whimping blood out).
3. Ukraine (Europe), after I left it, from tomorrow like Vietnamese forest when Yanks covered it in napalm (chemical substance): one woman delayed it
4. 53 other equivalent other wonderful achievements
5. 268-53-3 = 210 other countries to go. Can I count?

6. 209 countries to go as at 19/8/17: Chinks if living in chink land, feel hot. All I dunno is it 14,007,0206,138 of them inc. babies.
They jumping up and down and regret threatening Taiwan, going to war against India and messing with Tibet, AND eating with chop-sticks.

7. 13.11, 19/8: ALL 208 country people, except Indians living in India, trying to avoid napalm
What about British 'people' living in India? There are two groups, Me and others.
What about Christians in India? Do they love Lord Vishnu? Atheists? Muslims? Jews? Sikhs? Parsis? Followers of Krishna?
What about you? Whom do you want to love?
India, I give people time. A maximum of xx hours from reading this page, maybe less.
About dates, you may think 'ARGH' date has passed. Therefore not happening. Not true. Anything is possible to Lord Vishnu.
Now you may be saying, suppose I prefer pain to love, what happens then? The answer is PAIN.




And Kalki says:
My dear darling
Your eyes are too too beautiful, and your breasts are stunning, and I also need max 73 call girls, bitches, witches, whores etc. for your 73 gay lovers so that they can make you jealous.
AND, before marriage I want to make love to or kiss etc. between 1 and 43,001,765 (or so) pretty unmarried women, aged 18-60, each with at least 3 teeth, AND CHOOSE WHICH ONE TO MARRY.

AND THESE BITCHES OR THIS BITCH THAT I WILL MAKE HAPPY WILL NOT BE WALKING DEAD, provided that she also tries to make Me even happier than I am currently which is COMPLETELY impossible.

If you would like dinner, you NEED to answer the following affidavit and swear blindly and truthfully:

Am I going to be wet enough for Kalki?

If yes, you then send it to My email address along with $10,000,000 dowry money.

AND if you confirm that you are definitely not suitable for Me, you NEED to answer the following affidavit and swear blindly and truthfully:

Am I horrid enough for a homosexual lover of God?

If yes, you then send it to My email address along with zip, nothing.

A love letter to one woman.
Is she black? Is she green? Is she 90kg? God only knows.

Loving Vishnu

Did you know that the sole purpose of creation is for Lord Vishnu's fun and happiness?

This website contains many articles (see list below) which will help you on your life journey, and it also discusses the consequences of departing from this path.

See also My article The Twelve Commandments.

I have made a number of announcements to the world, see Public Announcements and World Governance.

Everybody in this world wants to do good, to love, experience pleasure, to be happy.

But as pride sets in with Western education,people become stupid. Even an Indian policeman knows
that raping a woman is not good and that it will not lead him to happiness.
So his intelligence level ("IQ") is not actually zero, but about 0.0001, slight positive.
But it is not high enough for him to figure out that he dislikes pain even more than he likes $.
If his IQ were higher, eg as high as that of a cockroach, he would avoid pain, as does every cockroach.
So the Lord gives him .0001 intelligence so that he chooses pain over pleasure and suffers
appropriately for every wrong doing.

Of course British psychiatrists tell him that he has an intelligence of 105 or 115 and because they are British he believes them.

Stupid idiots both.

But entertaining, do you not think? Like watching a Japanese pilot suicide himself in the second world war
or yanks voting in Trump.

You all have a very short window of opportunity to choose good over evil.
Once your wanking and rubbing ability goes through ill health, disease or pain,
you are on a certain course to destruction.

Kalki (aka Shyam Mehta, see article 'Kalki' below), avatar of Lord Vishnu

9 July 2017

If you have any question, press 'Search' below and enter the one or two key words
that summarize it and you will hopefully find the answer in one of My articles:


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About people
The following will be useful to some, and are also of general interest:

About Hinduism (useful to you if you are Hindu)

Comment on the Quran (evil from start to finish and every Muslim knows it)

Ganesh (evil. Even his head was cut off to tell people that)

Jesus (I gave him 17 hours of hell on crucifiction after he sold himself to satan)

The Bhagavad Gita is a Buddhist Text (and hence evil)

The Ramayana (Sita: with evil for 14 years, then put in fire and then abandoned with child. Guess what wrong she did. Do you?)

Right conduct

This is to do what I tell you to do.
I give every person free choice as to whether to do right or wrong.
Sex is the primary duty and you need to give sexual pleasure to your family.
I reward this with pleasure for yourself and with love.

Well, you want to be happy and so forth.
For this, besides ceasing harm, you need to take advantage of times when you are well, build up your
sexual desire, get fit, find a partner if you do not already have one and give pleasure to your partner.
There is a heaven. When a man and a woman fall in love on earth, when they die their souls remain in love.

The following will help men and women build desire:

Pictures of some beautiful women
Pictures of some beautiful women 2
Pictures of some beautiful women 3
Pictures of some beautiful women 4
Pictures of some beautiful women 5
Pictures of some beautiful women 6
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 2
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 3

Typical Beautiful Western Woman
Typical Beautiful Western Woman2
Typical Indian Woman
It also helps build desire to look at naked women performing yoga:

Yoga (pictures useful to build up desire)
Yoga Backbends
Yoga: Other Poses
Yoga: Other Poses2
Yoga Sitting Poses
Yoga Sitting Poses2

Well, if you are not done by now I am surprised.

There are no good movies, they are all Western rubbish, evil.
But I have included the best in the world for you to watch or download, and, more particularly,

the best (of course British) comedies ever produced in:

Best Movies

while you recover and then start all over on:

Here are the best videos in the world:

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Getting fit

You should not practice yoga. It is basically evil, given to Buddhists in the Himalayas
3000 years ago by Buddhist god shiva. It did NOT originate in Tamil Nadu, see for example:

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are Buddhist

But, I did give, in a dream, to Krishnamacharya, Karnataka, a system of exercises which subsequently
became known as Iyengar yoga. They had a purpose which is now over.
They are harmful to you and instead you should practice exercises from tantra.
Exercise: Principles
Exercises for Health
Exercises for Sex
Tantra and Sex
Tantra for when you are not well

About choosing a partner, you should read the following articles:

What turns a man, a woman on?
How to Choose a Man
How to Choose a Woman

Dating Service

Private Dating Suggested Agreement

These days, particularly women are evil. Until you have brought your woman under control
she will argue, deny you pleasure, overspend, damage her and your health,..
On average, men are far far nicer than women, and a woman can basically marry almost any
man and have the potential to be happy if she so wishes it.

Men need to be careful and choose well.

But, of course, life is fair, and a woman who is not nice to a nice man will suffer enormously.

A typical woman in the world today is due 10 times as much pain as a typical man.

Relaxation, sex and marriage:

What does a woman look like?
How to Relax (before you can give or receive pleasure)
Sex and Marriage
Sex Positions
How the hell to love Lord Vishnu?
How to avoid having a baby
Tantra Yoga(for relaxation after sex)
How to pleasure a child
How to Teach a Child Language and General Knowledge

Example service and also marriage agreements

Best Indian Singers
Best Western Romantic Songs and Artists
The Only Good Instrumental Music

Wrong conduct is not to obey Me.

Nobody with a sound mind harms others, harms himself, or harms his family (details for these below).
Harming others is the cause of you losing soundness of mind.
When one is in a state of unsound mind, the devil takes over according to the degree of unsoundness.
She does this through the use of body-less spirits (angels, Angel Gabriel etc.).

I reward harm with suffering, in order to be fair and in order to bring you back to the path of loving Me.
With suffering, a person feels remorse and then desires to surrender to Me.
In this age, there has been a lot of wrong doing, see My article A History of the World, and

98% of the things you do are evil and why, and

A History of the West (particularly useful for Jews, Buddhists, Atheists)

Just one example is the huge lack of care given to children.
As another example, what happens to cows, pigs and chicken:
They are, besides being kept in pain, often kept hungry, thirsty, dirty, given harmful food.
Many people will therefore also be in pain, hungry, thirsty, a result.
My article Food and rabies discusses what will be happening soon.

It should be noted that such pain, hunger etc. is the result of the child's or animal's own
wrong doing, when they were people in the previous life.

Aside from doing harm, the other wrong doing is theft.
In a country like India, 50% of people (layabouts) were until recently paid salaries stolen from other Indians
through a system of hidden taxes levied to a large extent, but not exclusively, on rural people.

The amount of theft by these layabouts was huge. For example, they might have been paid a salary of Rs 14000
EVERY month for 30 or more years. That is Rs 50 lakhs.
How will these layabouts and worse, policemen, hospital staff, street this back?
If they own a wife, they will need to send her out as a prostitute; women 'workers' will want to do this also
because the alternative is huge pain.There is not a single person in world who wants anything
like huge pain.

Here are some articles about socialism etc. that will interest you:

About Money (sounds boring, but a useful article for you to read!)

Best Call Girl Centres in the World

Call Girls and Hard Men: Prices, details

Cost of living around the World (sounds boring, but a useful article for you to read!)

How long will I live? (useful for everyone to read)

How much money does Modi make and have?

How much pain will you and your country's leaders endure?

How to Reduce Your Pain

Pets (useful for everyone to know about)

The Capitalist Fair Exchange Act 22/09/2017 (useful for everyone to read)

The Science of How To Upset Other People

When Life Gets TOO Much for you

This is the last age of this world and there will be no more rebirths.
In the past, when, for example, the land of a Red Indian was taken by the British, he might not receive justice in this life, but in the next.
Now, justice will happen in this lifetime itself:

Bloodshed happens twice: Perfect Justice

There is no hell, other than here on earth when you have for example (many many possibilities) arthritis (the result of harming your family).

Harming Others

Some people kill fetuses, babies etc. They will get Type II Diabetes (leading to amputations..).
See:Type II Diabetes
Some people have eaten pigs. I am going to transmit FMD ('foot and mouth disease') to such people.
Some people have eaten beef. I am going to transmit bovine ('mad cow disease') to such people.
Some people have eaten chicken. See My article Avian Flu
The amount of pain they will receive will be equal to the pain inflicted in the course of their lives.

Suppose someone is 53 and has eaten half a chicken each day in his life for 50 years.
50*365*.5 is about 9000 chicken sufferings.
That is a lot of pain from Avian flu.

Some people have eaten meat other than cow, pork and chicken. See My article Natural Disasters
Most people use Western medicines, vaccines, cosmetics tested on animals. See My article
Western medicine-no benefits, huge side effects
For using these, I give chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME) or Fibromyalgia which now impact 23% of the population of the world.
In 10 years' time, these conditions will impact 65% of the world population.
ME/CFS gives severe fatigue and malaise following mental or physical activity.
Symptoms of Fibromyalgia include a burning ache, a feeling like the muscles have been pulled or torn.
Muscles may twitch or even burn. Another symptom is a profound lack of energy and extreme fatigue.

Harming Your Family

The main harm nowadays is not caring for your children. For harming a child you get osteoarthritis and for harming an adult
rheumatoid arthritis. See My article 'The Twelve Commandments' for a definition of harm.

Harming Oneself

The devil causes one to:

  1. Have arguments with your partner (causing insomnia and destroying your marriage).
  2. Not have sexual pleasure (widespread ill-effects, see below).
  3. Have mental disease (depression, schizophrenia..)
  4. Have lack of sleep (causing you lots of problems)
  5. Become proud (leading to mistakes..Pride is the most important thing in the world not to have).
  6. Have stress (causing you to consume alcohol and bringing mental ill-health, and physical problems later).
  7. Avoid pain due to you (causing you physical disabilities; in any case you will have the pain later, when you are less able to cope).
    My article Dealing with arsenic, illness, etc. sets out how you can best deal with the arsenic which I have
    put in the world's water supply. It is only a little, per person, so will take a year

    to work into these particular people, for example a person who has had an operation rather than face pain,..

The results of harming oneself

The different harms result in heart conditions, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, AIDS, bone loss, venereal disease,
tooth decay, constipation, dementia, senility, and Alzheimer's.
Take the effects of not having sexual pleasure as an example:
The sperm and eggs of men and women become rotten if kept inside.
You get 'sexually transmitted infection', also known as
sexually transmitted disease or venereal disease.
What is not known is how common this disease is and how it slowly over the years
creeps into particularly the lungs, heart and brain.
So, if you do not regularly masturbate or have sex then you will face in later life huge health issues.
By the time you are 60, you will be a complete physical, mental and emotional wreck. You will be 'gaga'.

All of these conditions can be helped sufficiently so that they do not bother you, see below how to do this.

What to do about harming oneself

In My article '99% of the population have sleep disorders'
I set out how the seven sleep disorders correspond to the seven ways in which Satan harms you.
My article 'How to solve harming oneself problems'
sets out what you should do.
So, all you need to do to get yourself well is to find out which sleep disorder I am giving you.

List of all articles and materials

98% of the things you do are evil and why

99% of the population have sleep disorders

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Exercise: Principles

Exercises for Health

Exercises for Sex

'Experts' and 'Gurus'

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Reasonable Business Dealings AND List of Businesses selling products and services you want

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The Bhagavad Gita is a Buddhist Text (useful to you if you are Hindu)

The Beauty Act 23 October 685 million BC

The Capitalist Fair Exchange Act 22/09/2017 (useful for everyone to read)

The Charitable Deeds Act 23 October 1741

The Chinese Government Right to Bare Arms Act 22 October 2017

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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are Buddhist

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