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    • 29/3/2017. America: 260 million former meat eaters dying slowly over next 10 weeks, try calling, emailing, sms etc. and see. One country at a time. Christian deaths on a cross, excruciating, devil worshipper Jesus had it easy. Non-vegetarian 'Hindu' Modi is dead, if you were non veg, you are to follow soon, unless you are stunningly beautiful woman coming to Kerala to be with me (3/4/17 12.00 local time all flights stop), I have zapped all news channels and all internet except this site. Mobiles, TV, all businesses, .. now dead. Click below 'Read More' and 'Blog' for important news. .
    • If you have any problem or question about your life, please enter in the search box the one or two key words that represent your problem and you will probably find the answer in one of my books, articles or past News/Blog items. If the answer does not come up, you can email me.  Read More....
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    • Final blog on love and happiness for everyone:
      You were created by God to experience and give 100% love and happiness, to settle inside your woman who is not other than God. Not to cook, work or watch football. You need to minimize all such idiotic activities. 50,000 years ago, a man met a woman, they liked what they saw and then 24/7 they did not watch football. They fell in love and were at peace in each other's arms for the rest of time. God created them healthy, beautiful and strong, they did not use Western medicines to kill their immune systems and bring Fybromyalgia and other horrors into their lives. They were honest, did not steal, did not harm anyone, anything. Because of leading ethical lives God gave them happiness. Happiness is nothing whatsoever to do with bungy jumping or listening to music. It only comes from a man pleasuring a woman or a woman pleasuring a man.
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    In 2001 I gave up my Hindu sacred thread and committed to God that I would work my hardest to help all nice people I come into contact with to develop love and happiness in their lives. I am 64 years old and have written more than 50 books and hundreds of articles, about a wide variety of subjects such as the emotions, love, marriage, the mind, sex, science, teaching children english, yoga, philosophy, religion and spirituality, health and natural medicine.

    Nowadays it is fashionable to put the sign of God, 'AUM' or 'OM' in websites and other places. But, I have a theory that this does not happen without the Will of the Lord. I have a painting of 'AUM' and have put it on every page of this website. Shyam Mehta

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